Authentic Nature By Andre Wagner

Landscape photography finds new expressions in André Wagner’s debut-work “Authentic Nature”. More specifically, it is self-creative. Firstly it arises from the repertoire of painting. What is real? Is it manipulated, digitally fine-tuned, or painted over? Authentic Nature. Where does it come from? This scenery, this believable-unbelievable aesthetic. Almost too much of a fairy-tale to be true, but without insulting the vision with kitsch. The style changes from the soft tones of pastel brush-strokes to a graffiti made of fire and light. Here again the elements create new impressions in the landscape. This time they are less fairy-tale-like, infusing them with mystical expression. Where does photography begin, where does it end, what is its due earning?

Fire, wind, water and earth seem to have asserted themselves on their own. André Wagner’s signature is clearly to be recognized, yet it withdraws into the background to offer space to the. Finally it steps back into the silence of the forest where everything lies peacefully but with great strength. Authentic Nature.

Text is in English and German. Each book is hand signed by the photographer

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