Kuli Mela 2006 Exploring Who We Are And What We Can Accomplish

Kuli Mela is the largest gathering of second-generation Hare Krishnas (Gurukulis/Kulis) the world has ever seen. Far from just a party, the Mela focused on exploring who Kulis are and what they can accomplish. Experienced youth and elders shared their knowledge in over 50 seminars while each night was a dazzling display of music and dance.

Envelop yourself in these four memorable days as RasaFilms captures the visionaries, outstanding artist, musicians and friends coming together to celebrate their lives. As and extra, over one hour of the best stage acts from the Mela’s 15 hours of great entertainment. This moving and inspirational film is sure to change your perception of Kulis and the future!

Extra Features • Over one hour of stage performances. • English, French, Russian and Spanish subtitles.

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