Jai Uttal      

Sadbhuj Navy Girl Shirt

From the design laboratories of Mantralogy and the musical genius of Jai Uttal comes this exquisite antique styled shirt featuring an image of Sadbhuj. Sadbhuj is a special form of Sri Chaitanya, the founder of the kirtan movement, when he displayed Himself as Sri Krishna, Sri Rama and Sri Chaitanya. The back features a swirl of the Maha Mantra in sanskrit "Devanagri" script and Jai Uttal's logo.

Printed on super soft 100% organic cotton Alternative Apparel shirts.
Front art provided by OmFromIndia.com

Mantralogy/Gaura Vani ID: 120473 Catalog ID: 1616 SKU: SESASADBBL-GTSM Created: 9/22/2010
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